This is an all age festival although anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (supervisor) over the age of 18. The supervisor has the right to supervise more than one person.



Naturally, we will provide you with the opportunity to buy refreshments and food. There will be several food & drink stalls.  Food and alcohol will not be permitted into the Festival area unless purchased from inside the area.  Quality chilled beers, spirits and soft drinks will be readily available from the festival pub – the ‘JAM! Bar’.  There is also the ‘Night Bar’ tent which is open until 03:00am.  



There is a free secure campsite at the Festival area.



There is a free secure parking near the Entrance to the Festival area.



The garbage you leave behind is always a huge cost to the festival to clear up. We simply ask that you use the bins provided around the whole festival site.  You will be issued with a bin bag when you arrive on site. PLEASE keep your camping area clear of rubbish and use the bin bags provided.



Medical facility is available on site 24 hours a day.  First-aid post is situated in the main zone should you have need of their service.



Rescue service is available on site 24 hours a day and is situated in the main zone should you have need of their service.



Our Security Guards will be on site  24 hours a day  to help keep you safe and out of trouble, however, here are a few helpful tips to bear in mind:


  • Know where first-aid & rescue posts are
  • Follow the instructions of Security Personnel or other officials
  • Move away promptly from any danger
  • Notify a Crew-member or Official if you see any antisocial behavior
  • Move to where there is more space, should a crowd surge occur
  • Ask for help if you need it and help others, especially if someone falls
  • Stay calm (if you are distressed, ask to be taken to the First-aid post)

Once on site it is important to plan your day. Obviously the priority is making sure you get to see the acts that mean the most to you – come back to the festival website a few days before the show and all band times will be listed so you can plan in advance.

Don’t forget some other basics though – If you are with friends & are camping together or travelling home together – arrange a place & time to meet up at the end of the night.

Large crowds, a long day & changeable weather in combination will tire you out. Make sure you pace yourself, drink plenty of water, eat some food that will give you some energy.



A hat, sunglasses, rainwear, wooll jumper / fleece, – your ticket!

Check the weather before you set off so you know to bring your sunglasses if it’s hot or willies and waterproofs if it’s wet. We may need to see proof of age if you’re lucky enough to look under 21, so don’t forget to bring I.D.



  • Imitation firearms
  • Knives
  • Swords or weapons
  • Fireworks / Thunderflashes
  • Food & Drinks
  • Gas Cannisters
  • Professional cameras (ones with interchangeable lenses) or one that looks professional.







JAM! will have a film crew on site for the full 3-days of the Festival and has the right to film the event including the public for subsequent international television, radio, online and mobile distribution and the use of screen and television footage for promotional purposes.



Festival Area is located

If you don’t wish to use the campsite then we suggest staying in one of these cheap accomodations:

Art Hostel Tbilisi
Nest Hostel
Hostel at 19
Happy Feet Hostel
All the rest options here



We will have a bus shuttle (not for free) running between Delisi Metro Station and the Festival area.

Info coming soon



Please be nice to these boys and girls. Treat them the way you would like them to treat you. Keep in mind theirs is quite a stressful job.

The Securities’ instructions have to be observed and followed without question. The reason is simple: it ensures a smooth festival flow that saves us all a lot of time and hassle.



 Doors to the festival site will open on from 2 pm. The show starts at 4 pm. When entering the festival site, you will have to go through additional security checks. Make sure you only carry the permitted stuff. Otherwise we will have to take them away from you.



We will exchange your tickets for the festival wristbands right at the entrance to the campsite. There will be different color wristbands according to the number of Festival days you attend. You are obliged to show your wristband to any member of security or staff on demand. Therefore, you must not take it off until your final leaving of the Festival area. Thus, if you have bought a combined (3-day) ticket, you should wear the wristband for the all 3 days of the Festival.



JAM! merchandise and merchandise of the performing artists will be available at different  merchandise points which is going to be located near the Main Entrance of the festival site.



Racism will not be tolerated! Hereby we once again would like to state we are strictly against any form of right-wing philosophy or racism. We also count on your help: if you come across anything, please inform us immediately! Either approach security or, even better, go to the ticket counter. We will take immediate action against the people involved.



Running Order TJF 2015






Tbilisi JAM! Fest will service you with two stages – “JAM! Main Stage” & “Party Stage”. All bands will alternate with no overlapping, so you just need to move a bit to see each band play.



Just like at many big events, thiefs are up to mischief quite often. Therefore make sure your wallets as well as any other belongings are kept safe. Further than that, do not leave any valuables or car keys in your tent and make sure to keep your car and tents locked when leaving.



Daily tickets will be available at the counters each day. Day ticket holders are not allowed to camp.



It is prohibited to trade any kind of goods.