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Moribund Oblivion formed in 1999 by Bahadir Uludaglar. In 2002, “Like a Falling Haze” ep and in 2004 “Khanjar” album released. After this, band became a special popularity in black metal society… Through the years, Moribund Oblivion have a large fan community in Turkey and overseas… In “Time to Face”, the band tries black mtal with Turkish lyrics first time. Before releasing the new album “K.i.N / Killer is Nowhere” Moribund Oblivion became a prestigious band across Turkey and World (especially in Europe).

Moribund Oblivion is also called as “concert mosters” by the fans… They addicted to play live and share their passion. Now, the band is waiting to share their new tunes with more and more people.

Vocals-Guitar: Bahadır ULUDAĞLAR
Bass Guitar: Serdal Semen
Guitar: Adam Şentürk
Drums: Gökhan Sancaklı

2002 – Like a Falling Haze (EP) / Blackpro Productions
2004 – Khanjar (Album) / DJ Club Records
2006 – Machine Brain (Album) / Atlantis Music
2007 – Time to Face (Album) / Atlantis Music
2008 – K.İ.N/Killer is Nowhere (Album) / Block Action Music (DE)
2012 – Manevi (Album) Coming Soon…

Stormblaze Entertainment – COLOMBIA (Latin America Booking)

Banplus Productions – TURKEY (Turkey & Europe Booking)

“JAM! events” – GEORGIA (Rus, Ukr, Aze, Geo, Arm Booking & Pr)

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