Dismorial [Georgia]



progressive death metal

Dismorial is a band which members played in all kind of other metal bands before. And so different are their influences which reach from progressive death and black metal to even power metal. To describe it with the bands words: “There comes a day when a man who had ever lived in music should return to it. All the band members passed through it and this day came in January 2010″. In the past the band already shared the stage with a lot of well known bands such as Horse the Band, Lake of Tears, Saturnus and Orphaned Land. In summer 2014 they played the so far biggest gig in their history. The Metal-Battle finals 2014 at Wacken Open Air Festival!

May 22 European “Armageddon Tour” starts!

Vocals – Andrei Gayawetz
Lead – Gela Aslamazov
Rythm – Zura Toroshelidze
Bass – Roman Kasumov
Drums – David Sarjveladze

Manager, Booking agent – Eric Hutchence

contacts:  info@jam.ge

booking:  eric@wacken.de

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