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CARTHAGODS was one of the first metal bands to emerge from Tunisia in the 1990’s. Undoubtedly, they are the pioneers of heavy-metal scene in tunisia. CARTHAGODS’s powerful sound, influence, and longevity make them one of the best Metal Bands in all Tunisia.

CARTHAGODS had just signed a worldwide record contract with a German label “HANDS OF BLUE records” to release their first album, which the band hopes to complete it by the end of the current year, and also signed a booking contract with the most important booking agency of the country “SCOOP MANAGEMENT”.
For this brand new record, the band is working hard on writing songs and recording to complete the first album as soon as possible.

“We’re really excited to see our first album completed, after all the line up changes we’ve seen. It’s been a long time that we look for a such occasion to finally satisfy our fans”.

Formed in 1997 by founding members, Tarak ben sassi (guitar), Aymen benhamed (drums) and Nader berber (vocals). The lineup was completed the same year with Sami (bass) and wassim (guitars). For three years the band played cover songs of many heavy metal bands as Megadeth , Iron maiden Metallica , Pantera …..In several local concerts.

In 2001 Wassim left the band and was replaced by guitar prodigy Khalil Naweli, at that time the band decided to write their own music. Regrettably the year 2001 was marked by the death of khalil, so the band almost split up but the founding members continued to write music till 2004 CARTHAGODS are back on stage with ARTAK, ZACK, Mehdi KHEMAKHEM (Vocals) Khaled (guitars) and Houssem (bass), the new line up and a new spirit, to perform in local concerts till the 1st international metal event in Tunisia “ROCK TUNISIA” on March 2006 supporting the famous Dutch band EPICA.

On April 2007 the band performed in “ROCK TUNISIA II” with KIKO LOUREIRO (Angra/Guitarist) as guest star, who was the first guitar hero performing in Tunisia.

2008 CARTHAGODS released their first records (SHADOWS and EATER OF SIN) with the famous Dutch guitar player Marcel COENEN (Sun caged; Stormrider …), who accepted to produce the band and performed LIVE in “ROCK TUNISIA III”.

On February 2009 Haythem MAHBOULI (Lead Guitars) and Khalil KHIREDDINE (Bass) joined the band and assisted the recording of the new songs “YOUR FAVORITE DESGUISE” and “MEMORIES OF NEVER ENDING PAINS”, on October of the same year the band released the video clip of “Memories of never ending pains (monep)”, the song that had a big success on the web and local radio stations. After that the band was invited to support the Swedish death metal legend DARK TRANQUILLITY in “RESERVOIR ROCK’S”, one of the biggest events in Tunisia, on December 2009.

On july 2010 CARTHAGODS was invited to support the english metal band ANATHEMA in the “SOUND OF PERSEVERANCE” event in wich the band played their new compositions part of the album coming up in the end of the year.

2011 : Tunisia had it’s first popular revolution on January 14th, the band members took a break untill April 2011.

Artak: Guitar lead
Haythem: Guitar lead
Mehdi: Vocals
Khalil: Bass
Zack: Drums
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A really good band from our Roster – “Carthagods” [Tunisia] is ready to present its first full album!

After years of waiting and hard work, they are proud and ready to put the first face of carthagods into the daylight …the first album will be soon out and full of surprises…international guest stars took part of the project…
stay tuned!






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