Jason Newsted To Return To Metallica, Carry Band’s Luggage



Following his departure from Metallica in January 2001, long time Metallica bassist Jason Newsted was reportedly handed an offer to return working with the band. Metallica fans are elated by the news, though Newsted will not be in the same role as he previously held within the band.

According to a source close to the band, Newsted will serve as Metallica’s official baggage handler, a role he accepted after reportedly being unable to find another job.

“I couldn’t be more excited to return with my brothers in Metallica after years of being apart. I am thankful to them for their hospitality in giving me this grand opportunity. I look forward to handling their luggage with the same intensity that I brought to the band beginning in 1986.”

Metallica will reportedly pay Newsted ‘generously’ for his role within the band. A source close to the situation claims that he will make approximately 12 dollars an hour, which is above minimum wage in many places.

Newsted was required to sign a 41 page contract that requires him to work for the band for at least 30 years, with a 30 minute meal break every 3 days.

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  1. Blaze

    Good news!!! :) Hope he will return!

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