GBOB [The Global Battle Of The Bands]



11 December GBOB Caucasus Final was held. “E.T.C.” band won the main prize and is to represent the Caucasus at the GBOB World Final in Oslo, Norway. Our congratulations to the band with kind wishes to further success!



  GBOB is a worldwide competition that is also local. A unique opportunity to join a winning project in its formative years.


The World’s biggest live music challenge!

Musicians from over 30 countries competing for the GRAND PRIZE!

…and the title “BEST NEW BAND IN THE WORLD”

Every year, GBOB gathers together thousands of bands from different countries around the world. Hundreds of local and national competitions happen in every country, leading to one World Final where the winners from different countries will compete live for the Title “Best New Band in the World” and an International Band Development Package:

- Studio Recording with a Famous Producer
– Recording Contract with GBOB MUSIC
– Music Video Production
– International Promotion

From now on, three Caucasian Republics (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia) are the members of the big GBOB family!

GBOB is a thrilling showdown of the best new bands from around the World!

The GBOB World Final happens in a different country every year.



London. GBOB WORLDWIDE LTD was founded in 2004 by Tore Lande in London. The first GBOB World Final happened at the Astoria, where 16 representative bands from countries within Europe competed for the title “Best New Band in the World”. From 2004-2009, the number of participating countries increased to include those in America, Asia, and Africa. During the same time period, the GBOB World Final was held in London every year.
Worldwide. By 2010, the competition has now grown to include 24 countries across five continents. During the same year, the very first World Final outside of London was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The most current estimates reveal 12,000 musicians performing in over 200 GBOB live events globally, every year.

For Bands

GBOB is a chance to kick-start their music career internationally; an opportunity to be heard by a wider audience and a great way to connect with other musicians and fans worldwide. GBOB is a universal gathering of bands and music professionals around the world through positive live music events , as well as hub for musicians’ social and commercial activities online. Bands registration process will be open soon.

Commercial Sponsors

GBOB is an event that attracts thousands of young bands and musicians, and millions of music lovers around the world.

Government Cultural & Tourism Efforts

GBOB is a way to promote a country’s music in the international scene; it is also a way to promote tourism to GBOB’s prime audience and participators: the adventurous youth around the world.

GBOB Caucasus 2014 bands registration is now open!

Artists from Azerbaijan click here

Artists from Armenia click here

Artists from Georgia click here

National Final will be held 11 December in Tbilisi, Georgia (“Nine Club”)

special guest – “The Beautified Project”




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