W:O:A Metal Battle Caucasus 2014 Winner

W:O:A Metal Battle Caucasus 2014 Winner is: DISMORIAL                   “There comes a day when a man who had ever lived in music should return to it. All the band members passed through it and this day came in January 2010. From the

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Wacken Open Air Metal Battle Caucasus 2015 Preliminaries to be launched soon!

Wacken Open Air Metal Battle Caucasus 2015 Preliminaries to be launched soon! Metal bands from Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan – get ready! Application process & details soon! Here’s the list of the participating countries of the WACKEN OPEN AIR Metal Battle 2015. Austria Bulgaria Canada Caucasia China Central America Denmark Ex

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TV-spot about ORPHANED LAND show in Tbilisi, Georgia

New Jury-member joins W:O:A MBC 2014

Jörg Düsedau [Germany] – Managing Director / Booking Agent for “Dragon Productions” to join our W:O:A MBC Jury!

LAKE OF TEARS – Live in Tbilisi

  Period – – Price: 27.03 – GEL 15 30.03 – 07.04 – GEL 20 08.04 – 14.04 – GEL 25 15.04 – 25.04 – GEL 30 26.04 – GEL 35

ORPHANED LAND – Live in Tbilisi

 “RMNA & JAM! events” present: Israel’s breakthrough band Orphaned Land – first show in Georgia ever! Date: 27 March, 2014 City: Tbilisi Venue: Triumph Club         The pioneers of Oriental metal – have returned with All Is One and an in-your-face message for everyone to embrace: “People

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Tbilisi BLITZKRIEG Fest 2014 [vol.1] promo

Demo-album of PLUS MASTERS is ready


SELECTED BANDS FOR 2 SEMIFINALS OF W:O:A METAL-BATTLE CAUCASUS 2014: Infected Cinema Genre: Progressive Metal City: Yerevan State: Armenia     Official Website Myspace Facebook Page Dismorial Genre: Progressive Death Metal City: Tbilisi State: Georgia     Facebook Page     Silence Lies Fear Genre: Melodic Death Metal City: Baku

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Underwall Festival 2014 (Croatia)

as a bonus for a “second-place” band @ W:O:A MBC 2014                     RMNA & “JAM! events” go even further and present new chance / new possibility for Caucasian bands! This year we announce an extra bonus for a “second-place” band at

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